With a lot of restrictions on what we can do in the kitchens and work areas and in order to maintain our level of service to you, we’ve needed to rationalise the volume and complexity of the food and drink menus we offer when we reopen after the COVID-19 lockdown.

These are now available here on the website for you to see, PDF links below, or via the Food and Drink page.

Inevitably we won’t have everybody’s favourites! but there’s a good cross-section of our most popular dishes and of course we’ve got scope to revise and augment if all goes well.

Dinner Menu
Lunch Menu
Sunday Lunch Menu (Sample)
Children’s Menu
Drinks Menu to follow.

You will be able to choose from these menus online when you visit us, via the upcoming table service app. So even if you’ve never done it before(!), online ordering is very much part of the ‘new normal’ so join us on this journey, download the app when it’s available and give it a go.