In light of our decision yesterday to temporarily close after a staff member tested positive for Covid-19: (again for your reassurance, this member of staff was not at work at any point whilst we were open. We are also confident that the correct social distancing measures and safeguards were in place whilst any members of staff were in the building.)
Almost everyone who works here now has now had a test or has a test booked.
Nevertheless, our first priority is always the safety and comfort of our outstanding team and our guests. We will never jeopardise that principle, even if this continues to cause us significant short term financial harm.
Throughout this pandemic we have always tried to err on the side of caution and we are not prepared to take any unnecessary risks.
We have therefore decided that it is not the correct thing for us to reopen at this stage. We are very sorry but we will remain closed throughout the festive period.
As the situation develops we will provide further updates regarding our reopening date. Despite all of the challenges facing our industry, we WILL reopen and get through this, we just don’t quite know when BUT we will be back.
For those of you who are booked, we are incredibly sorry but we hope you understand our decision. We will try to contact you in the coming days.
For those of you who have vouchers, please do not worry about expiry dates; these will be extended indefinitely.
May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, please stay safe and here’s to a brighter 2021.
If there is anything at all we can do to help anyone, we are more than happy to do so wherever possible.
Thank you.